Choucri A. Elkhoury


Me. ElKhoury is the managing partner at ElKhoury Law Firm. He graduated from Saint Joseph University in Beirut and obtained a Masters in Business Law from Paris II University (Pantheon/Sorbonne). He has over 40 years of experience practicing law in a wide variety of fields in Lebanon, Europe and the Middle East. Me. EKhoury practices law in Arabic, English and French.

Me. ElKhoury worked on the incorporation of companies and on the legal set up of joint ventures in various countries in the Gulf and the Middle East, including setting up subsidiaries of international corporations. He also worked for several years with a leading law firm in Paris where he advised on international matters. He was involved with investments and joint ventures across Europe and the Middle East. He counseled clients investing in various business fields including real estate in London or hotels in Paris. He also advised high net worth individuals on fiscal issues, international inheritance and tax affairs.

Me. ElKhoury has held many distinguished positions with public institutions. He contributed to the drafting and implementation of new regulations of the Beirut Stock Exchange. He served for several years with the Lebanese Counsel for Development and Construction and sat for over fifteen years at the Board of the Legal Committee of the Lebanese Bank Association. He is also a member of the Committee for Professional Ethics at the Beirut Bar Association.

He has a unique experience in Corporate Law, including mergers and acquisitions and partition of companies and businesses.

Me. ElKhoury has extensive experience in a number of legal fields. He advises major companies on transportation and shipping. He specializes in corporate law, insurance, banking, commercial representation, agencies, franchising and intellectual property. He has set up franchises and litigated to protect trademarks. He has been involved in many important joint ventures, drafting of shareholder’s agreements and BOT agreements, and coordinating between Banks and the various parties to secure financing. In construction, he has handled the legal aspects of a great number of Real Estate developments, both locally and internationally. He has advised on corporate acquisitions and trading in Lebanon, as well as in ABC, Elcir Malls. He has been very well known in coordinating between occidental companies and firms in some part and Arab companies and firms in other parts.

Me. ElKhoury has also developed an in-depth experience. He has handled several arbitration disputes before the International Chamber of Commerce as well as before local arbitrators. He has also arbitrated various cases as sole arbitrator.

Me. ElKhoury has authored various legal articles and lectured on a variety of legal issues. He has written about commercial agencies in Lebanon and the Arab countries, the Hamburg Maritime Convention and corruption, and published practical commentaries on newly issued laws. He has lectured in various public panels on the topics of Lebanese stock exchange, construction and fiduciary operations.

With his international experience, and his fluency in three languages, Me. ElKhoury can service both international and local clients. He has provided legal services to several major international firms listed on various stock markets. He maintains that his success is ultimately due to the special attention he gives to each of his clients, his permanent concern being to understand their needs as well as the broader environment and business contexts in which they do business, and to ensure the Firm’s clients his utmost personal care and concern and follow up.

Needless to say, Me. Elkhoury works on a lot of pro-bono cases for medical care and art institutions with the same care and concern.