Alia Farah Wardé


Me. Alia Farah Wardé graduated from Saint Joseph University in 1985 with a Masters in Law and has been a member of the Bar Association of Beirut since 1989. Me. Wardé has been working at ElKhoury Law Firm since 1987 where she covers a broad range of legal services.

Me. Wardé has extensive corporate law experience with both local and international firms. She has contributed to setting up several corporations, subsidiaries and affiliated companies, branches and representative offices to international companies. She is an expert in the laws surrounding commercial companies, offshore companies and corporate holdings, including how to set them up, structure them, and draft their underlying shareholder agreements.

Me. Wardé’s experience extends to the management of family wealth, including the setting up of family offices, trusts and foundations.

Me. Wardé has broad experience in legal issues surrounding the medical field. She has represented medical companies in bids to obtain contracts with the Health Ministry of Lebanon and the Health Ministries of foreign countries. Me. Warde has notably initiated the incorporation of branches in Beirut of multinational companies. She has directed a large number of sales contracts for medical equipment, and extended her experience to encompass medical liability, the leasing of medical equipment and the legal aspects involved in commissioning, maintenance and after sales services of such equipment.

Me. Wardé was a member of the Municipality Counsel of Beirut.