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Our logo:

A red dot inside an open ellipsis.

The red dot is you, the client. It is also our purpose, our concern and our raison d’être.

We are there to assist, advise or defend you. That is our mission.

The circle is also red. It shows you that we consider you as if you were part of us. Our assistance is unwavering and total.

The open ellipsis serves to show our concern through our expert assistance, care and protection.

The entire logo is the clearest indication of our total commitment.

About Us


A Firm That Is Part of the Fabric of the Lebanese Legal System

ElKhoury Law Firm has distinguished itself as a highly reliable and effective law firm in Lebanon, very well known in the legal and business communities [...]

A Firm Providing Representation in an International Context

We are one of the premier transactional firms in the area. We represent the interests of large foreign multinationals, including Fortune 500 companies [...]

A Wealth of Legal Skills to Tackle Any Legal Problem

ElKhoury Law Firm is able to combine its local strength and international understanding to provide unique representation [...]

Quality Representation Based on the Care We Offer to Our Clients

The quality of our representation stems from the attention we bring to each of our clients. We value them, and in turn, they value us [...]


226/228 Ashrafieh Street
Jamil Saab Building, First Floor
Beirut, Lebanon
P.O.Box 116-2199
Tel: 01-322922
Mobile: 70-230500
Fax: 961-1-201718

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