A Firm That Is Part of the Fabric of the Lebanese Legal
A Wealth of Legal Skills to Tackle Any Legal Problem
A Firm Providing Representation in an International
Quality representation based on loyalty and attention to our clients

A Wealth of Legal Skills to Tackle Any Legal Problem
ElKhoury Law Firm is able to combine its local strength and international understanding to provide unique representation due to the extensive and diverse skills of its attorneys, honed over decades of experience. Our attorneys are multilingual, and can carry out and conduct legal work and proceedings in more than one language. Our firm combines the talents of attorneys who have graduated from the best law schools in Lebanon, who have obtained higher degrees in France, and who have graduated with a JD. Our firm is comfortable handling transactions and litigation rooted in the civil law or the common law systems.

Our attorneys are trained to work together on cases in order to tackle problems from a diversity of angles. Each attorney contributes his or her specialized experience to a specific case. Senior attorneys supervise the work of junior attorneys on every case. As a combined result, every case will benefit from a wealth of quality experience. Every case is important to us, and the effort and quality of work we put into each case represent our professional pride and reputation. It also means that the development of our attorneys is paramount to us, so that we may continue to provide quality representation from generation to generation. That we invest in our clients and in our attorneys is a sign of the care we take in forming our institution and the loyalty upon which it is build


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